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Sandra Lynn

Jun 4

I think this may be the coolest thing about the A-kon24 convention I went to, they had the Eureka SeveN Panchinko game in the Dealer’s Room as a pay to play. I played two rounds.The whole time the “Days” OP plays as audio, and depending on how you’re doing on the game the Compac Drive will light up and change colors along with moving, as does Nirvash. When the game is not being played it scrolls through video footage from the anime. There’s a chibi group of Maeter, Maurice and Linck that run across the screen occasionally while you play, but I couldn’t catch a picture of them. Character stills pop up and have lines once in a while, and the character head shots scroll also. I really liked looking at the Compac Drive inside, which was real life scaling, and wish BANDAI sold ‘em as actual items. In short, I really am excited about seeing this and getting to play still.